2 february 2020 solar eclipse astrology

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Useful since this eclipse is conjunct Neptune! This then could be a solar eclipse that allows someone to pursue their art full time through having attracted a rich and supportive partner. Drawing sponsorship from others is well starred if you have a creative imagination and are connected with what is trending in the collective. It feels euphoric and merges with the landscape.

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There are problems with boundaries, so the more sensitive among us will feel like a psychic sponge. This aspect is so good at challenging the perception of reality. However there is the great danger of lying and creating very convincing illusions. This solar eclipse will serve well advertisers and propagandists, but those on the receiving end of the sorcery need to question the sources always. Interestingly George Orwell, author of the prophetic novel had this conjunction! The boundaries between ourselves and others are blurry.

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Those touched by this Solar Eclipse could be prone to escapism and addictions during the next 6 months. This is because their physical sensitivity to the real world around them is so great. We long to merge with the great spirit and feel that euphoria of oneness once again but there is so much division.

Immunity must be worked on. A Solar Eclipse occurs in this sector June 21st during the retrograde, so it can be good for reconnecting with old lovers or using passion positively.

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Want to become a love astro ninja? Get started by signing up for the mini class, Intro to Love Astrology! Sagittarius Career and Money Horoscope. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, but likely a big thing no matter what!

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You can totally transform the way you approach your finances, the way you handle money, the way you make purchases, and the way you make money. You might decide to completely change what you do so you can make money in a new way for some time. You can take money a lot more seriously, and focus on trying to have a healthy relationship with money. A good relationship with money is key. Uranus remains in your work sector all year, and this is the first full calendar year where Uranus is in this sector. This adds to the potential for change in your work life, and you may feel that you have to have more independence in the work you do, make changes in your work, and embrace the unconventional.

Do your homework first. Sagittarius Home and Family Horoscope. Neptune remains in your home and family sector all year, helping you to be more compassionate and understanding with your family. You may want your home life to be quiet and serene, and can prefer to spend more time by water for the soothing comfort it can bring you. Mercury will retrograde in your home and family sector the second half of February, and you may struggle with an issue at home that needs to be addressed.

You may feel like little things are going wrong at home, and have to deal with fights and misunderstandings with family. Mars enters your home and family sector mid-May through June, and this can help you focus on home and family matters in a more positive light. Any comments, Elsa? This seems quite significant!

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Sorry, inaccurate about the conjunction with Chiron…just realized it is at 29 Pisces, not 19…almost into Aries…. Has anyone ever had a solar eclipse conjunct their vertex it will be in my 7th house?? Last solar eclipse in march was conjunct my venus in the 7th and nothing happened at all? Oops was looking at …the New Moon will indeed be conjunct Chiron opposition Jupiter, and Bernadette tells a not so happy story of separations, but also new opportunities coming in which bring positive outcomes….

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Thank you so much for posting this list. My ex has Chiron conjunct Saturn in the 1st house. On Sept 16th he failed to pick up our son from school for contact. Our son eluded him.

go to link The ex has father issues, he wished his dad dead and he died, shot himself in the head. He asked a court to have contact exclude his second child. But the 3rd child, my son, is a male. He wanted boys.