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Relationship ebooks. It can survive because both thrive on and are enlivened by the extreme passions of human behavior. All Scorpios save, invest, and multiply their possessions. They are sensible, practical, and realistic when it comes to finances. Money for each is about assurance, control, and power. They are both hard working, very ambitious, and good at making money and hanging onto it. Plus, both have eagle-eyes and the right instincts when it comes to investments.

Scorpio and Scorpio Marriage

So, success in this area of their marriage is pretty much guaranteed. A Scorpio parent is the most devoted, protective, controlling, possessive, and perhaps the most fearful, neurotic parent in the world. They are hard on their children and expect a lot from them. For good or bad, two Scorpio parents are in sync when it comes to helicopter parenting. When the kids are young, both parents will be in agreement on shadowing the kids, directing their behavior, planning their activities, and never letting them out of their sight.

They'll also agree it's best to isolate their children to protect them from any harm.

Because mom and dad are both Scorpios, the kids won't have a more objective and less controlling parent to whom they can turn. As the children grow older, they're likely to withdraw, resist, act out in anger, or they can become fearful and stunted by their overly protective and controlling parents. Of course, the Scorpio parents have good intentions, but like with each other, they can become overly enmeshed in their children's lives and create an insular family that can stifle the growth of their children as autonomous individuals.

By the same token, the children also need a passion and purpose independent from their parents.

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Everyone in this closely knitted family needs time on their own to do their own thing. The Scorpio sun is the director and producer of every Scorpio's life. However, every Scorpio is different in their unique way. They need to share their problems with each other before it is too late. Test Now! Scorpio and Scorpio soulmates , above all other couples, must let go and really say what they want, what they feel, what they need.

Do not let pent-up emotions spoil your relationships. Also, jealousy between Scorpio men and Scorpio women has to be done away with.

scorpio and scorpio Compatibility - The Cons

If your Scorpio lover adores you the way you adore him or her, then she will come back to you as faithful as ever! Scorpio is a fixed sign , this means you two will be intensely productive, almost intuitively so! Remember to focus on the very productive aspects of this horoscope match , and not what draws you apart. Focus on working together, rather than allowing jealousy to tear you apart.

The best thing about a Scorpio and Scorpio love compatibility is the intensity of love that this couple can feel towards each other. Their love for each other is never ending.

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Even when the Scorpio star sign is doing their worst, its all for love. Their shared power and perseverance makes them an unstoppable pair! And their symbiotic devotion to one another pledges that this Scorpio Scorpio relationship will endure a lifetime.

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